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Nylon string guitar with hexaphonic pickup is a subsidiary of the Dutch based company JLW Electronics. JLW Electronics was founded in 2010 and specializes in repair and design of electronic equipment. With Electronic pickups we want to give musicians a whole new range of possibilities with their instruments.
It is now possible for musicians to play truly stereo, quadraphonic, hexaphonic, heptaphonic on their instruments.
Electronic pickups are the only pickups that can pickup the actual vibration of the nylon string itself. Which gives a far deeper sound than pizo's, that pickups the change in presuure caused by the vibration.
It is now possible to create a truly hexaphonic feedback guitar system. It is of course also possible to build a feedbacksystem on other instruments with steel strings.
All electronic pickups shown on this website are humbuckers. This because electronic pickups are sensitive to stray electrostatic fields. This sensitivity to electrostatic fields can be heard if you hoover with your ungrounded hand above the pickup. When you ground yourself by means of touching the metal strings this hum will disappear.
Electronic pickups have a very high output signal, more that line level, this means that the output can be fed directly into a for instance (stereo) equaliser. If desired the signal can of course be reduced to a signal that you are using heavy distortion or compression on your output signal, you may find that they are more noisy than traditional pickups.
The very high dynamics of electronic pickups will need some getting used to, some adjustment of you playing especially the force with which you struck or bow your strings might need some adaptation. On the other hand this will give you also more expression than you are used to.
Electronic pickups have a very clear sound and a strong attack, which makes them very suitable to drive midi based guitar synthesizers, they can very well be used as a replacement of for example the Roland GK2 or GK3 pickups.
Because the electronic pickups are very sensitive for the string distance, they should be placed close to the bridge on instruments where the height of the changes while playing. The further the pickups are placed from the bridge the greater the difference in volume between a unfretted or low on the neck struck string and a string played high on the neck. Whereby the high fretted string will be louder than when it is played hihgh on the neck. A distance of 0,5 - 1.25 inches from the bridge appears to offer a good balance. These are also the margins of hexaphonische effects processors such as the VG-8, VG-88 and VG-99 Roland.
For instruments where the string height is not changed while playing such as a zither, the pickups can be placed more to the middle of the string this will give a warmer sound.