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!2 String guitar with electronic pickup
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For this instument a electronic pickup wil be build

Some of the advantages are listed below:
Much higher dynamics than
traditional pickups, with this we
mean that the difference between
a soft and a hard struck note is
much louder than with the
traditional pickups. Very high
channel separation, or very low
signal crossover. This makes it
possible for instance by a 12
string guitar, to pickup each of the
double strings separately or in
The high channel separation makes
them ideally suited for use as
hexaphonic pickup for driving V-guitar
systems or guitar synths. Electronic
pickups can be made very thin, so
they can be placed under the strings of
for instance a citer. Because electronic
pickups do not use coils they work
very well on metal covered nylon
strings. With a little trick they can also
be used for nylon strings without metal
Electronic pickups are insensitive
for magnetic fields, this makes
them ideally suited to use in a
feedbacksystem with a magnetic
actuator. Because electronic
pickups do not use magnetic
fields they have no string pull and
so a longer sustain than
electromagnetic pickups. They are
not sensitive to stray magnetic
fields, from for instance your
amplifier, like coil based pickups.
Electronic pickups have a flat
frequency curve, so no resonance
"color" is added.
Unlike traditional pickups that do
not have a flat frequency
This allows for broader
"colouring"by means of
equalisation or tone control.